The majority of PCB assemblies these days still require through-hole work, whether that involves a few connectors or indeed the whole board.

Exceptional Hand Soldering Standard

Our Soldering specialists are operating according to IPC-A-610 Standards. We are IPC-A-610 Certified ensuring exceptional quality.


Leaded & Lead Free Soldering Capabilities

With our Blundell CMS400 and CMS400LF Wave soldering machines, you can be assured that soldering quality will be of the highest standard.


Specialist Modifications & Fine Pitch Rework

Using techniques developed over nearly 30 years of experience, we are able to carry out almost any type of modification or rework.

Our specialists are trained to the highest standards of hand soldering in accordance with IPC-A-610 standards.  Wave soldering too plays a key role with through hole assemblies to ensure that PCBs are soldered to the highest standards. There is strict process control in place at this stage of assembly, meaning the conveyor speed as well as the temperatures are optimal for your product.

Special to type holding frames are not uncommon through this process ensuring the board being soldered is safely held and protected through the flow soldering process which is carried out using the Blundell CMS400LF machines. Component pre-forming is completed before the components are placed or soldered.

Through-Hole Capabilities
  • PCB Prototypes

  • Leaded or Unleaded

  • CMS 400 and CMS400LF

  • Component Pre-forming

  • Digital Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

  • Specialist Modifications, Rework or Repair