We have invested in High Speed Essemtec SMD Pick and Place Machines with Vision systems. Their accuracy and reliability consistently produce quality results without faults. We can place all types of components from 0201 through to micro BGA’s. We offer a cost effective Surface Mount PCB Assembly service.


PCBs automatically pasted using our MPM automatic Stencil Printer. Solder paste is fully inspected.



Using our High Speed Essemtec Pick and Place Machines, components are quickly and accurately placed.



Following placement the PCBs are sent through our Quad Re-Flow Ovens, producing high quality soldering results.

Our SMD Pick and Place Machines are supported by a MPM automated Screen Printer with camera alignment and Solder Paste inspection; as well as two Quad Reflow Ovens with multiple heating zones and cooling. With this machinery we can consistently achieve quality results as well as significantly reduce errors and cost.

We understand your needs and that your products need to be completely reliable, therefore to ensure this, we put great importance on process control. We have a complete ESD Controlled environment to ensure that all devices are free from damage. All PCBs are profiled to ensure the highest soldering quality through optimal temperatures and dwell times. These profiles are stored for individual board types to ensure consistent high quality through different batches. 

Surface Mount Capabilities

  • Essemtec High Speed Pick & Place Systems

  • MPM Screen Printer

  • 16 Zone Quad Re-flow Oven

  • 8 Zone Quad Re-flow Oven

  • ESD Controlled Environment

  • Climate Controlled Environment

  • Moisture Controlled Environment

  • Critical Profiling